Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Words can hardly explain my absence but to all my fans out there, I am alive, I am making my way back to my "normal" way of life, or at least how it was pre- illness, and yes Dawn of Destiny is still going to release. I will post soon with all the juicy details of what was going on with my very long leave of absence as well as things to look forward to for DofD and what the future looks like. Can't wait to share, thanks for not jumping ship when I gave you so many reasons to! :) 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Spooktacular Blog Hop

Welcome all Goblins and Ghouls to this Spooktacular hop!
Thanks for visiting us, A Paranormal romance will be giving away a $15 gift card. All that is is needed is to be a follower and then fill out the form below, yep we are keeping it simple here because we know this hop is a BIG one and you have lots of blogs to hop to. The winner of  this giveaway will be emailed and announced here on this blog on November 1st and will have 72 hours to respond and claim their treat!

This contest is now closed,
Congratulations to our winner Linda Harress
Thank you to all who participated!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dawn of Destiny Delayed

This post is coming in the 11th hour because I'd been hoping I wouldn't have to do it. But at some point reality has to be faced. I've contemplated this post for the past week wondering if I should go into details or not, but I have come to the determination that details of the why will not make the news any less disappointing so I will be brief and to the point. Dawn of Destiny will not be releasing September 26th as originally scheduled. To all of you waiting on the edge of your seat I am truly so very sorry and I myself am sad and disappointed as well. It really has been the perfect storm of events these past few months which have made me feel like I am working against the universe itself to get this book released. When the date was set back in March everything was on track for Dof D's release in September. Around May I had a dreaded feeling come over me that things weren't the way they should be and with much reluctance I entered into a re-write process. I was hopeful I could make the changes as they were small and still make deadlines for edits and such. Cue the contract negotiations (this is all I can say right now). Though this is exciting news for me it threw a kink in my plans. Did I want to release Dawn of Destiny with the current plan and publisher or do I want to try and go with someone bigger? Do I release it and then change all three books over or do I sign before releasing the 3rd and then deal with other people determining Dawn of Destiny's future? My head was swimming and choices needed to be made immediately. Cue the downfall of my health. I will not go into details but the long story is I got very sick, doctors found several masses in my abdomen which at first were believed to be cancerous. Lots of tests and Dr's later they were determined to be benign but I have been undergoing treatment to shrink the masses ever since. When my health went down hill EVERYTHING came to a screeching halt and has not totally resumed because I have yet to fully recover. This chain of events has definitely put a limp in my step and I have had moments of serious doubt, wondering if I am making the right decisions regarding my books. And I am not just talking about for me, I am worried about my readers. I want all of you who have supported me and loved this series, just as much as I have, to be happy and content with the way the series ends as well as how it is distributed. Though the decision is mine to make I hope you know I am mindful of my readers.
Right now I would love to shift blame and claim that all these above events are responsible for this disappointment and it's not my fault, rather it's the powers that be or something like that but the fact remains the blame is still mine. I had several opportunities to move things forward but hesitated to do so for various reasons. I am the one who commits to take on several things, with overly optimistic expectations and a very small buffer for the surprises life will always bring. However my suspension of realistic expectations is why I am an author, it's what got me to write 3 full length novels, and publish 2 of them in a matter of 3 years. I have kept a grueling pace and  I have done it because I often choose to suspend reality and strive for more.

So where does this leave us? That is a good question. I will not be releasing the info for a new date until certain elements fall into place which will make the new date absolutely solid. I would like to think it will be before the year is done but I will not make that promise until I'm certain because I don't want to be writing a post like this again. Please feel free to send hate mail if it makes you feel better, I may write myself a few nasty letters as well. But do not lose hope, Dawn of Destiny WILL be released and it will still be relatively soon, so do what you have to do to do to deal with your frustration and I will do what I have to do to ensure there are no more disappointments!

Thanks for your understanding and your support I appreciate it!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where I've Been

I have been absent from the blog world for awhile, well no that isn't true, I have just been absent from this blog but I have been quite busy over HERE , on one of my newer projects and passions. But I have not forgotten the Son of Eden blog nor my avid readers and followers. I have also not forgotten Dawn of Destiny and it's quickly approaching release and I'm definitely feeling the pressure to ensure some of the last minute preparations. I am crossing my fingers I can stick to the date but, let me be honest, I am burned out. Publishing 3 novels in 2 short years is a grueling pace to keep not too mention the other partial novels waiting to be completed, especially when there is no vacation or time out from being mother to 5 young kids. I felt like summer would be my chance to catch up on all things book and instead I find myself drastically behind. I also took on a new project in June called Fit At Home Mom, which WILL eventually be book related but not yet. Some may say that is spreading myself too thin and this is why I am exhausted and though I agree to an extent I must say this new project is hardly a project. It has become my way to relax and feel a sense of release from all the other demands in my life. It has created a much needed vacation for my mind although I believe it did the job too well and now I am fighting to get my momentum going again on all my book projects. There is also some crazy things happening right now with book publishers and specifically Amazon and though I can not say much more about this right now I can say it could be effecting my future books and publishing dates. So lots of new things going on and lots of pressure to complete what I have started. I want to take this chance to say thanks to all my readers out there. You are all so awesome and I truly appreciate the emails I continue to get regarding my novels and your enjoyment of them. It is often your letters of encouragement that provide me with the fuel I need to get things done, so from the bottom of my heart THANKS! On that note I am going to strive hard to be around here (this blog) more often and get some exciting promotions going as we get closer to Dawn of Destiny's release, all I need now is a big swift kick in the pants!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Splash into Summer

Hooray hooray Summer is here! I love summer because my kids are home, the weather is warm, pools are open, beaches are perfect and vacation destinations are endless. But that is how I feel at the beginning of summer, ask me on Labor Day what I think and my opinion may differ. I am so excited to be taking part in this blog hop and I want to thank our hosts I am a Reader not a Writer and Page Turners for putting this together.  So do you want to know what is being given away and how to get it?????

Well . . . . . 2 lucky winners will receive signed copies of  Son of Eden and Daughter of Earth for some good reading on your summer vacation as well as a 10$ Amazon gift card because lets face it gift cards are just fun to get. 
Entry is super easy, just be a follower of this blog and fill in the form below with your name and email so you can be contacted if you win (all of your information is private and discarded when the contest is over) 
You may recieve one extra entry if you leave a comment below telling my either your favorite thing about summer or a great place to vacation during the summer. The 2 winners will be contacted via email (so make sure it is right) and will also be announced on this blog Friday June 1st.
Good luck and keep it cool! 

***On a side note anyone interested in getting in shape this summer for FREE in 20 minutes or less a day  click here FIT AT HOME MOM, the first workout videos will begin being posted Monday June 4th along with great healthy recipes and health tips. Check it out ***
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Follow the link below and keep hopping!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Amazon Gift Card Winner

Sorry for the late post everyone but I ended up taking a last minute vacation over the weekend (which was desperately needed) and I did not take my computer because I needed time away from all things book including editing and writing so I was not able to post the winner of the Easter Blog Hop. But I am back and ready to go. There are some exciting things happening right now and I am anxious to get to the point where things will be announced. But enough about me this is supposed to be about you.
So the winner of the Easter Giveaway Hop is...... Jessica H.......our winner has already been notified and claimed her prize! Thank you to all the many, many people who participated (over 400 entries) it was definitely one of the largest hops I have done so far, and so very fun!
Check back again for the next giveaway happening in May and until then .... Happy Reading!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Giveaway Hop

Happy Easter everyone !!! Easter is one of my favorite holidays, it must be because it is during spring when everything is in bloom and looking beautiful. It is a wonderful time for reflection and re-birth and I love it! I also love these fun hops I get to participate in and I want to thank
I am a Reader not a Writer and Once upon a Twilight for hosting this hop!

Alright I like to keep things simple and easy peezy around here so this giveaway goes as follows,
You need to be a follower of this blog, enter your name and email on the form below and submit, yep it's that easy! One winner will be selected using and will receive a
free $10 Amazon gift card delivered to you electronically through email and you will be able to obtain and spend it immediately. See.... simple!
The winner will be contacted through email and will be announced on this site on
Friday the 13th ( hope your not the superstitious type )

I hope everyone has a happy and wonderful Easter and good luck with the hopping!

This contest is now closed